AX galaxy has the most advanced technology in the universe

Three forces: Cebran, Vangu, Hardven.Wars have raged for centuries over resources of the AX galaxy.Cebran has the power mana to manipulate the energy of the AX galaxy,so they has the advantage of the three forces;Vangu has stealth ability, strong fighting skills and movement speed, strong survival ability in the three forces;The relatively weak 

Hardven have always been at a disadvantage in spell use and combat, but they have a unique ability to integrate resources and use their own unique ways to quickly generate mecha. The powerful mecha breeding ability ensures the stability of their power and will not be easily destroyed.By virtue of their unique abilities, the three forces stabilize their power in AX Galaxy, and thus constantly evolve their own abilities.

Recently, the revelatory eye in the center of the galaxy has been mysteriously flickering. The legendary AiPi energy appears in the AX galaxy. AiPi energy is the superspace-time energy generated by the universe for ten thousand years. Mastering it will be enough to conquer the AiPi universe.

With the advent of AiPi element energy, there will be a new war in the AX galaxy......

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